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Mitch McConnell easily defeats his Tea Party challenger

Senator Mitch McConnell easily defeated his Tea Party opponent Matt Bevin in the Kentucky Senatorial Republican primary.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Senator Mitch McConnell (R,Ky) easily won the GOP Senatorial primary over Matt Bevin. Although McConnell's victory was due in part to decisive action on his part, it also largely resulted from a series of blunders and deceptive comments and embarrassing retractions by Bevin himself, according to ABC News on Tuesday. Among other things, Bevin, on his Linkedin profile, claimed to have attended the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) when in fact he only had attended a brief seminar there that was not even affiliated with the university. Bevin even attended a cock fighting rally and lied by saying that it was a "states rights" rally despite the existence of a video of the fight.

Additionally, Bevin was indecisive about whether or not he supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the federal government's bailout of banks. All the while, Bevin was attacking McConnell for voting to support the bailout. University of Kentucky Professor Stephen Voss summarized Bevin's ineffectual and incompetent campaign as follows:

“Obviously, Bevin did not start out even with McConnell so he needed to make up a lot of lost ground. A really well-done campaign free of errors that started getting people talking may have been able to do it…but that’s not the type of campaign we saw. Instead it was the type of campaign we usually see from an inexperienced politician.”

McConnell had no compunctions about soliciting help from former political rivals, including Senator Rand Paul (R,Ky). Despite the fact that McConnell had backed Paul's opponent, Secretary of State Tray Grayson in the Republican primary when he ran for the U.S. Senate, McConnell nevertheless sought Paul's assistance in the race against Bevin.

Reportedly McConnell has extended the olive branch to Paul and mended fences with him. Now McConnell is depending upon the Paul to reciprocate and help him in the general election against Democratic Party candidate Alison L. Grimes who is the current Secretary of State in Kentucky.

As of right now there are no polling numbers available for the race between McConnell and Grimes; however, the numbers are sure to emerge soon and this commentator will keep readers apprised.

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