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MIT student Kaitlin Goldstein found dead: Innocent slip ends deadly

Kaitlin Goldstein died falling off a cliff in India.
Kaitlin Goldstein died falling off a cliff in India.
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MIT student Kaitlin Goldstein was found dead after she went on a jog in India on June 14. The 28-year-old woman from Rhode Island was reportedly jogging when she slipped and fell several hundred feet off a cliff.

Huffington Post reports June 22 that Goldstein was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was working on getting her doctorate degree. MIT officials say the student was found dead in a ravine below a trail in a secluded area of northern India called Ladakh. Kaitlin reportedly went running in the morning. Her parents told officials at the institute that she slipped on loose rocks.

The MIT student had gone to India to attend a workshop on energy and development. She planned to also help with the installation of solar panels at a Buddhist monastery.

Huffington Post goes on to report that Kaitlin Goldstein was a fourth year student at the institute and majored in architecture.

According to Boston Globe on June 24, that when Kaitlin didn't return from her run, students and instructors at the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh campus began searching for her. Local police in the area searched for the Goldstein then the case brought in the Intelligence Bureau of India, the US Embassy in New Delhi, the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the US State Department, and the FBI to help find the missing woman.

Kaitlin was a competitive runner and is said to have been interested in helping the poor. She majored in engineering as well as architecture, Boston Globe reveals.

It's a tragedy that MIT student Kaitlin Goldstein was found dead due to what should've been an innocent, minor fall without life-threatening danger.

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