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Misty Shaffer's 100-pound weight story goes viral amid husband's shock

Misty Shaffer's 100 pound weight loss story has gone viral as it inspires people around the world. CNN shared to details on the story.

Larry and Misty Schaffer have been together since they were in high school and they got married in October 2008. Though Misty has been overweight for most of her life, she says that Larry never said anything to her about it. Larry was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and that's when Misty decided that she wanted to make some changes. Misty Shaffer's 100-pound weight loss came as a big surprise to her husband when he returned to the States.

Misty went about her weight loss very cautiously, simply cutting back on portions and incorporating healthier choices. When Larry did return he was just about speechless. She notes that it was the first time he had ever been able to pick her up. She says that moment was worth everything.

The inspiring reunion where Larry got to see Misty Shaffer's 100-pound weight loss happened in May 2013, but she has managed to stay healthy and keep the weight off since then. She says that she still experiences disbelief whenever her husband picks her up.

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