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Misty Shaffer loses 100 lbs.: Army wife 'wows' husband after year of deployment

Misty Shaffer's 100-lb. weight loss stunned her husband. She weighed 260-lbs when her husband Larry Shaffer went to Afghanistan, where he was deployed for a year. Misty decided she would take that time to get in shape and that she did, Misty dropped 100-lbs, according to CNN News on March 18.

Misty Shaffer: Army wife drops 100 lbs to surprise husband who comes home from deployment.
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She wanted to surprise her husband and when he stepped off the plane from that one-year deployment, she surprised him for sure! Larry saw his wife, who is now almost half the size she was when he left. Weighing less than 155-lbs., Misty felt better than ever.

It wasn’t easy she said, she gave up junk food and soda. Her beverages throughout the day were water and coffee. She said that after a while when she drank an occasional diet soda, she became so thirsty that she went right back to water.

Misty has struggled with her weight her entire life. This couple has been together since high school, she went to Larry’s senior prom and he took her to her junior and senior prom.

What made Misty decide to lose all this weight? She said she just sat up one night and said, “I can do this.” Diets didn’t work for her in the past, but this time around she stuck with it.

Before that day that Larry stepped off the plane coming back from Afghanistan, he had never seen Misty any lighter than 220-lbs. Speechless, Larry could only say “wow” when she jumped into his arms at the airport.

This also marked the first time he had ever picked his wife up. He couldn’t lift her off the ground before, Misty said. The Army wife has been able to keep the weight off and she is happy with the way she looks and feels today.

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