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Misty Shaffer 100 pound loss: Army wife drops 100 pounds, surprises husband

Misty Shaffer lost over 100 pounds and surprised her husband when he returned from Afghanistan. On March 17, CNN reported that Misty Shaffer, 25, decided that she wanted to get in shape while her husband was deployed -- and that's just what she did. Her husband Larry, an Army specialist, got the surprise of a lifetime when he saw his wife half the size she was when he left.

"I just sat in bed one night and was like, 'I can do this. 'I need to do this,'" Shaffer explained. She was able to stick to a diet this time and she completely transformed her body.

Misty Shaffer's 100 pound loss left both her and Larry speechless. When she saw him at the airport, she was at a total loss for words so she just ran up and jumped on him. The only word he could think of? "Wow." For Shaffer, having her husband be able to pick her up in his arms was a "big deal."

Shaffer is very happy to have her husband home and says that she still cooks for him -- but she is determined to keep the weight off. While Larry might dig in to some ice cream after dinner, Misty says that she is more focused on staying healthy and maintaining her size 6.

See Misty Shaffer 100 pounds lighter greeting her husband at the airport in the video above at 0:20. It took Shaffer about one year to drop eight sizes.

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