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Misty Shaffer 100 pound weight loss: How Army wife lost 100 lbs, amazed husband

Misty Shaffer’s 100-pound weight loss is a touching love story that began in high school and ended with Misty Shaffer’s husband being able to pick up his wife off the ground for the first time because she had lost 100 pounds – for him. “A lot of people look at it like, 'Why is that such a big deal?'" says Misty Shaffer according to a March 18, 2014, CNN report. "But (when) you never thought you'd see that moment, that somebody can pick you up ... it is a big deal."

Misty Shaffer 100 pound loss: Army wife’s surprise for husband, how she did it

When Misty Shaffer met her husband Larry, who had been deployed as an Army specialist to Afghanistan, at the airport, she didn’t really know what to say or do since she had weighed 260 pounds when he left for his deployment – now she weighed 155 pounds.

Misty and Larry had been together since high school and got married in 2008. Despite her struggle with her weight, even as a child, Larry had never said anything about her being overweight.

However, when Larry left for Afghanistan, Misty was left behind and had time to reflect about being 5 feet 6 inches tall, having weighed as much as 300 pounds at times, and having been picked on by people because she was overweight. "I just sat in bed one night and was like, 'I can do this. I need to do this'."

Having tried various diets and diet pills before, Misty knew that they only worked in the short term and that eventually she would gain it all back again, and more. "I would eat when I was bored. I'd eat three huge meals a day, and then snack in between. Sad or happy, I'd turn to food for everything."

What did work for Misty Shaffer and enabled her to lose 100 pounds turned out to be her power of determination.

After Larry had left for his deployment, Misty stopped drinking soda and limited her liquids to water and coffee. “The first three to four months were the hardest, she said. Once she got past that, she started craving more healthy foods and water. It got to the point where, if she drank a diet soda, it made her so thirsty that she didn't even want it.”

When it came to food, cutting out unnecessary junk food wasn’t too difficult. But changing the main part of her diet proved to be a challenge since her job as a personal shopper at a supermarket exposed her to the tempting smells of “hot fried chicken,” pizza, or hot dogs.

Little by little, however, Misty discovered the tempting smells of a salad bar, warm vegetables, and oven-baked chicken instead of fried chicken. Her diet today is what works for her:

  • For breakfast, Misty eats oatmeal with fruit or a cereal bar.
  • For a mid-morning snack around 10 a.m., she eats a fruit or carrots.
  • For lunch, she eats a salad or half a sandwich with some kind of vegetable or fruit.
  • For an afternoon snack, she might have a yogurt.
  • For dinner, she eats a lean meat (like ground turkey or a boneless, skinless chicken breast), a vegetable and a very small portion of starch.

According to CNN’s report, Misty Shaffer does cook up sausage, eggs or pancakes on her days off, but she watches her portion size.

Misty Shaffer lost the 100 pounds in the months that her husband was on deployment and has not regained any of them. Because she saved money on food and clothes (she can now wear a size 6 instead of a size 22 to 24), Misty was also able to buy a surprise house for their family. Not knowing what to say or do when she saw her husband at the airport, Misty said nothing but instead “just ran and jumped into his arms.” Speechless, only able to utter the single word “wow,” Larry picked up his wife and was able to lift her off the ground for the first time ever. “That moment was worth everything.”

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