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Misty May-Treanor baby bump: Misty May-Treanor is pregnant, due in June

Misty May-Treanor
Photo by Brian Ach

Misty May-Treanor showed off her baby bump during an outing (which looked like she was heading to the gym). The former Olympic athlete is due with her first child this June according to her rep. On Feb. 25, NewsOXY reported that May-Treanor and her husband, Matt Treanor, are over the moon about starting their family. Now that she has completed her Olympic career, her goals have changed and she's ready to take on a new role.

"Matt and I are overjoyed and excited about the journey before us. We have been wanting to start our family and we feel blessed to finally have this little miracle happen," said the 36-year-old gold medalist and mom-to-be.

Misty May-Treanor's baby bump is adorable but sort of strange to see -- people are used to seeing her completely ripped and in a bikini so seeing her with a tummy is certainly different. As for what she is having, May-Treanor hasn't shared but judging by her perfect basketball-shaped bump? A boy is a fine guess.

"It’s time for me to be a wife. I want to be a mom and share time with my family. My mind says it’s time and my body says it’s time, and it’s the right time," Misty told People Magazine after the 2012 summer Olympics.

Check out Misty May-Treanor and her baby bump here.

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