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'Mistresses' season 2 premiere spoilers: The women try to 'rebuild'

Fans of "Mistresses" on ABC do not have much longer to wait for the season two premiere of the summer series. ABC has now given fans their first look at the ladies as they try to repair their lives following the events of season one. On May 23, Spoilers Guide shared three sneak peeks released for "Mistresses" episode 2.01 titled "Rebuild." All three clips are contained in the video shared with this article.

When does the action pick up from at the start of season two? According to Screen Spy, it is now eight months later for the friends, and the first sneak peek shows Savi and her friends out at a celebratory meal together. Savi has cheated death. After a number of surgeries, she is now ready to get back to a normal life, but she needs to take a moment to thank her three friends for all of their support.

The second sneak peek focuses in on Savi and Josslyn. Savi is not enjoying spending all her time at home, but she isn't sure she wants to return to her job as a lawyer either. She doesn't know what else she wants to do with her life though. Josslyn listens to her friend, and she does offer her a bit of advice before the clip ends. Savi might be having trouble moving on her with her life because her old life wasn't all that bad.

The third sneak peek also features Josslyn. She is out with Karen, and she is telling her friend she wants more out of life. Their conversation is interrupted by April. She is having feelings. A male friend enters the scene, and he wants to help bring the man she is feeling for to her. She is quite on edge about this new development in her life. Her friends have no idea what is going on.

Photos for the episode do show more about the episode, but the photos just focus on different scenes. "Mistresses" was a surprise hit last summer, but ABC waited to renew it for a second season. Fans will need to keep tuning in if they want to see more of what happens to Savi and her friends. "Mistresses" will return to ABC on June 2.

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