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'Mistresses' 2x02 preview: Savi will have some trust issues develop

Fans of "Mistresses" have their guilty summer pleasure back on the air, and Savi will have a lot to deal with during season two. This episode will focus on a woman going after Savi's man at the office. On June 7, Spoilers Guide shared two sneak peeks for " Mistresses" episode 2x02 titled "Boundaries." Alyssa Milano is featured in both of the clips.

Savi has new competition for her man.
The Mistresses ABC Official Facebook

In the first clip, Savi, who is played by Milano, is having a conversation with Karen over lunch. Savi tells her friend about a talk she had with a woman at her office. The new woman is interested in Savi's man, and she is not happy about it. Of course, Savi and Dom's relationship is still being kept under wraps, so the other woman has no idea that she has crossed the line. The Mistresses ABC Facebook did share a photo of the woman.

During the second sneak peek, Savi tells Dom about the woman's interest. She is concerned about it, but he is not even bothered. The fact that he isn't concerned upsets Savi even more. She was married happily when she started her relationship with Dom. He tells her to trust him, but she doesn't know if she can. She even tells him that maybe he shouldn't trust her either. The clip ends there.

Savi did lose a baby following her accident at the end of last season, and that loss has been glossed over so far. However, TV Guide revealed that the loss of the baby will play an important role this season. Savi will have "pushed down" a lot after the loss of her baby. The loss will have an "impact" on the decisions she will make during the course of the season.

Season two of this ABC show has only just begun. Fans have a lot more steamy action to see as the episodes continue to air. What do you think? Are you glad to see this show back on the air? "Mistresses" will continue to air on Monday nights on ABC.

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