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Mistake proof makeup tips for the everyday girl, part 2

Before you run out the door, do you sometimes have trouble getting your makeup just right? By the time you drink your coffee and start your day, what looked acceptable at 8:00 AM, may look not so good by lunch time. You are too fabulous for these types of unpredictable beauty looks!

Tips for Beautiful Mistake Proof Makeup

You don't need to be a professional makeup artist in Washington, DC, to know that what may look good on the runways and fashion magazines may not be exactly what the everyday girl needs. Yet many beauty articles do not differentiate from the two very different styles. With these cosmetics tips you will not only look great by the end of the day, but you will also be able to apply makeup quickly and easily. Click here to see Part-1 of this beauty article where it's discussed mascara, eye shadow and concealer.

A common mistake in everyday makeup routines is the wrong blush application. Many women try to contour their face early in the morning, ending up with blush that appears too dark in the daylight making them look just a little to painted. To avoid this, when you choose a new everyday blush, try to choose one with a soft fruity or flowery hue like, Orgasm from NARS.

Who has time for lip-liner and lipstick when they are going through their daily routine? To keep it simple but still gorgeous, try Rosebud Salve available at Sephora. This product is beloved by many famous celebrities and professional makeup artists; you can read more about it on this beauty article. You will easily create a fresh color tint that will promote the health and beauty of your lips.

Some skin types simply do not need powder, but if you do try HD Microfinsh Power from Make Up For Ever. It is silky, colorless, ultra fine and weightless. Too much powder application is a big no, no. So make sure that before you apply another layer of powder you use “Oil absorbing blotting paper”, these are great! They’ll absorb any excess of oil from your face, getting it ready for another powder application. Please, do not to overdo your powder applications.

Remember makeup is about bringing out the best you. By choosing simple, mistake-proof cosmetics you’ll make your makeup routine easier which will make your life more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips to come!

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