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Mistake proof makeup tips for the everyday girl, part 1


When the clock ticks-back to steal an hour of precious beauty-sleep, one of the first things to go downhill is our morning makeup routine. The following mistake-proof cosmetics will help the everyday girl keep up with her morning beauty routine. Without sacrificing the quality required for beautiful and supper-fast perfect makeup application.

First thing is first, never ever skip moisturizing.

If one only had time for a single part of a beauty regime, they should be moisturizing. It doesn't need to be the most expensive moisturizer, but it needs to be right moisturizer for your skin type, that will leave your skin protected and hydrated throughout the day.

Next would be to make that beautiful skin look even more beautiful!

A good application and blending of your concealer would be necessary, because caked on concealer could be very distracting and not in a good way. Try an easy to blend concealer like Bobby Brown and MAC, Studio Fix. These are wonderful!

Now we need to focus on the eyes, because we don’t want ‘The window of our soul’ to be covered with smudgy eye makeup.

The mascara is very important, because it serves to enhance our eyes. There is nothing scarier than clumpy, running down mascara! To avoid clumping or running problem, try out LashBlastVolume from Cover Girl. It comes with a wonderful applicator. It is clump-free even when it is layered and very inexpensive.

Lastly, choose an everyday eye shadow that represents the true ‘inner you”.

Make sure it is a subtle color like mauve, light to medium brown, or taupe, because the shade needs to make us look our best and not stand out from fifty feet away. Having a signature eye shadow will saves us time by eliminating the step of coordinating an eye shadow with an outfit, event, mood, etc.

Remember the most important part of any makeup routine is to make you look and feel beautiful any time, any place. So try to find products that will help make your beauty routine, especially for early mornings, fun, easy and mistake-proof.

Be sure to stay tuned to our part II of "Mistake-proof makeup tips for the everyday girl".

To learn how to specifically choose everyday makeup products from a professional makeup artist in Washington D.C., check out the My Makeup Book blog.

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