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Mistake leads to $10 million jackpot: 8th accidental ticket a big lottery winner

A mistake lets a man win it big in the lottery
A mistake lets a man win it big in the lottery
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A mistake led to a $10 million jackpot off an 8th accidental ticket and resulted in one New York man becoming a big lottery winner this 2014, proving that sometimes it's simply the luck of the draw. After 53-year-old Jerry Kajfasz says that he was given an additional scratch-off ticket and returned it at a local convenience store, he later opted to buy the 8th one to try his luck. News Max reports this Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, that this was a highly fortuitous idea, as it instead turns out this was the incredibly rare piece that caused him to earn millions of dollars.

While it may be difficult to believe at first, a simple mistake led to a $10 million jackpot for one supremely lucky man from upstate New York just last month. While visiting his local convenience store, Jerry Kafjasz says that he decided to buy a $20 scratch-off ticket that he opted to return initially. A 53-year-old father from Buffalo, Kafjasz reveals that he bought a full seven scratch-off lottery tickets back in mid January. However, he soon noticed he was given an accidental 8th ticket that he failed to pay for.

Being an honest man, Kafjasz says that he returned the unpaid ticket, and left the store. Only minutes later, however, he opted to return, having won $25 from the other scratch-off lotto tickets he’d originally bought.

"I kept winning on the scratch-off tickets. I won like seven in a row," the 53-year-old explained to a national news station.

According to the press release on the mistake leads to $10 million jackpot story, Kafjasz opted to push his luck and hope for the best. The father of two used those decent winnings to buy a new $20 “Win for Spectacular Life” scratch-off ticket — the very same 8th accidental one he’d been offered.

After scratching the piece, Kafjasz said that he couldn’t believe his eyes — he’d won the $10 million jackpot on the incredibly lucky piece of paper. He handed it back over to the clerk, and requested that he also look at the ticket to verify he was not making this miracle up.

"He asked me if I had good eyesight," Singh, who says he frequently sells Kajfasz cigars and lottery tickets to Kajfasz, stated this week. "He said, 'Am I looking at this right?' And I said, ‘You are. You’re a winner!’ He was shaking and everything."

"I probably looked over the ticket half a dozen times," Kajfasz added. "I now call it the one that almost got away."

Kajfasz explains that he went to dial his wife of over 30 years on the phone, and she was unable to believe his amazing good fortune right away either.

"She said, 'Oh, so you won again?'" Kajfasz said laughing.

The next people he called after realizing that a mistake had led to his $10 million jackpot win was his two adult children, Jackie and Frank. The 53-year-old husband and father is saying that he now wants to lead the quiet life and share his vast fortune of money with his wife and children.

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