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Missouri Valley Tournament Preview


  • SycamoreFanatic 6 years ago

    You are wrong about the Sycamores. They have the game plan to eliminate the Redbirds (have done it once already) and the depth now that injuries are mostly healed for Marshall and Lathan to win it all.............better take a second look and refer to this comment Sunday morning.

  • Eric 6 years ago

    I admire Evansville after topping UNI, even though their ogre was not playing, showing toughness to battle with anyone. They have the shooters to make up for their lack of size, and Colt Ryan will storm the Valley for the next 3 years.

    As a Drake fan, we live and die by the three, and hopefully we can catch just enough heat to hold off SIU whose Dillard has a bum ankle and Fay is too inconsistent.

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