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Missouri not yet ready for legal weed

Show-Me Cannabis
Show-Me Cannabis

Show-Me Cannabis conducted some polling before deciding whether to try for a ballot initiative this November or wait until the Presidential election in 2016. They announced the results on Monday and have decided to wait. Among those expected to vote in November, 45 percent supported the SMC's marijuana proposal, and 51 percent vowed to vote against it. The public apparently still needs more education.

The 2014 ballot in Missouri doesn't have much on it to draw people out. The only office up for grabs is the State Auditor, and not many people care about that. Because of that, the only people expected to vote are those who vote in every election, old people. Old people who don't want to learn the truth about marijuana because they're stuck in their ways. Just as it would be a bad time to put a school tax initiative on the ballot, a marijuana initiative is just as likely to fail.

Though while a presidential election in 2016 would bring more possible supporters out to the polls, it will also bring more possible dissent. The idea political analysts are bouncing around is that marijuana will do for Democrats what gay marriage opposition did for Republicans, bringing more of them out to the ballot box. But dissent might be as big of a motivator for the opposition. There are some that are very adamant in their opposition, they got used to the drug war and aren't about to give it up.

Hopefully waiting until 2016 is the right move. In the meantime we'll just have to keep an eye on the various legalization bills going through the state legislature.