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Missouri man killed by car trying to save dog

Richard Kurtz died when struck by a vehicle on a busy highway while saving a dog.
courtesy of New York Daily News

Richard Kurtz, 78 and a great grandfather, died Monday after being struck by a car on a highway as he tried to save a dog in need, according to the New York Daily News. Charlie, a whippet belonging to his fiance, had escaped his home and crossed a busy highway. Kurtz went after him. They were both struck and killed by an oncoming car as Kurtz was carrying him back across the highway.

Kurtz is described by his family as an animal lover and an amazing man who “didn't think of himself” as he rushed to save the dog. The family is in shock.

Kurtz leaves behind three children, 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

“My papa was an amazing man. He would go after any dog that ran across that road, he would put his life in danger to save anybody,” said Emily Kurtz, as posted on the O'Fallon Missouri Police Department's Facebook page.

“He was a great man and an awesome uncle to me. He would've done anything for anyone,” said Jennifer Mokry Borden, also posted to Facebook.

The driver was not injured and the police are investigating.

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