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Missouri loses a house seat, Kansas stays at 4

The Census numbers have officially been released. Both Kansas and Missouri have showed moderate growth . However, the growth was not enough to keep Missouri from losing representation. This was expected as the population continues to shift from the upper Midwest states to the South and Southwestern states.

Missouri's growth rate of 7% puts the statewide population at 5,988,927 residents. The state slips 1 place to become the 18th most populated state in the country. Missouri is going to lose one of it's 9 congressional representatives. The Republican controlled legislature will be responsible for the redistricting in the state and is expected to be a hotly debated topic in the upcoming session.

Kansas comes in at a growth rate of 6.1% bring the statewide population to 2,853,118. It is now the 33rd most populous state. Despite slipping in ranking by 1 place, Kansas will hold on to all four of it's congressional seats.

This shift is projected to benefit Republicans as the house seats move to states that have historically supported Republican candidates. Texas was the big winner this time around gaining 4 seats with Florida gain two seats. The addition of the 2 seats in Florida will assure that the state will continue to play an important role in presidential politics.


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