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Missouri governor calls to remove military presence in Ferguson

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Last night was another peaceful night in Ferguson as the tensions seem to have eased. With just a handful of arrests over the past two nights in the city plagued with violence following the police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has called off the National Guard. On Thursday, ABC News reported that despite ongoing protests, violence and aggression are abating and there is no longer a need for the military presence.

It all started on August 9 when an unarmed black teenager was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer. Many accused police of excessive force and the protest began. Details on the events surrounding Michael Brown's death have led to mistrust and anger toward the police department. That, coupled with the heavy police presence and allegations of even more police abuse of power against protesters meant almost two weeks of unrest in the Ferguson community.

Now as the tension begins to fade, the incident still has not been forgotten. Many are calling for the removal of St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch from the case due to his family ties to the Ferguson Police Department. McCullough has refused to step down though and has not been removed from the case. Instead, an independent investigation of the Michael Brown shooting has been launched at the federal level. Additionally, a grand jury began looking over details of the case in order to determine if Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown, should be charged with any crime.

According to the Ferguson Police Department, police had arrested 163 people connected with the Ferguson protest between August 9 and August 21. Most of the arrests were due to a "failure to disperse" while only 21 people actually face burglary charges. Despite a huge decrease in violence and arrests in Ferguson over the last two days, protesters are still marching. Up to 70 people per night are gathering near the spot where Michael Brown was shot to walk laps and let authorities know that they will not forget.