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Missouri flu deaths reported: 9 deaths reported, over 6 thousand sick

Missouri flu deaths reported have people on edge all over the country. On Jan. 10, NewsOXY reported that nine people in the state have died from complications related to the flu. With 6,700 confirmed flu patients this season alone, the state has seen some of the most extreme cases. The nine patients who lose their lives ranged in age from their mid-20's to their mid-60's -- something else that's alarming. Usually the flu hits elderly people and children the hardest.

Interestingly enough, most patients have been diagnosed with H1N1 or swine flu, both of which were "covered" by the flu shot this season. Doctors say that most patients coming down with the flu did not receive a flu shot this year.

The Missouri flu deaths reported were as of today so the number of flu patients will undoubtedly rise over the next couple of weeks. With the flu in its prime right now, thousands of people are being diagnosed each week. Thirty-five states have widespread flu outbreaks and, according to the report, that means that over 50 percent of geographic regions in a given state are experiencing some sort of flu activity.

During flu season, hand washing is extremely important. Taking a daily vitamin and staying hydrated can also help boost your immune system. If you think you're coming down with the flu, you should avoid public areas as to not spread germs. And obviously, ontact your doctor upon experiencing possible flu symptoms.

Despite the Missouri flu deaths reported, this year's flu season is considered "typical" and is not as severe as it was last year.

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