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Missouri Department of Natural Resources denies horse slaughter permit to Rains

Missouri Rains Natural Meats turned down for horse slaughter permit
Missouri Rains Natural Meats turned down for horse slaughter permit

On Jan. 23, just a short hour ago, word came down from the Kansas City Star that Rains Natural Meats in Gallatin has been turned down on its bid for a horse slaughterhouse. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is primarily citing federal budget restrictions for its move. At any point, the permit request from the northwest Missouri-based Rains Natural Meats has been stopped.

The Department of Natural Resources stated in its letter today to David Rains who is the owner of record of Rains Natural Meats, that it is rejecting the permit request for the proposed horse slaughter plant because the newly-approved federal budget has withheld funding for any federal slaughter inspections for horses.

For the record, no domestic horse slaughter can be carried out in 2014. Recommencement of commercial horse slaughter in the United States was blocked during the previous week upon the signature of the President, when the budget measure was adopted. The Department of Agriculture cannot spend any money for horse slaughterhouse inspections, nor can horse meat be exported to other countries.

Rains has always made himself available to the media. However, this Thursday he has been unavailable for comment.

Rucki will follow up this article shortly with additional comments and information from horse slaughter proponents. Contacted Rucki at