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Mississippi's own Los Shares His God-Given Gift with the World

The artist talks God, his gift and why he's not afraid
The artist talks God, his gift and why he's not afraid
Terrence Thompson

While so many people sit on their talents, Mississippi's own Los is doing anything and everything he can to share his with the world.

I was first introduced to his music through social media, and after hearing his single I NEED YOU it was obvious that he had something that was so much being than the state in which he resided.

As we talked about his career Los says "It's been humbling" to see the response to his music. "I just thank God. Everybody that I let hear it loves it. Just to share a gift that God gave me is amazing."

His journey with music began at the age of five when his mother (who sings Gospel) started a group called Brothers of Faith with Los, his brother and a cousin. "As we grew older I went to another group and opened up for the Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams and others. Music just stuck with me," Los says. "Later on my father introduced us to R&B, pop and country music." It was at that point that he knew that he had to choose what direction he wanted to go in when it came to pursuing his music. "I wanted to take it another route," he says, "and here I am."

I asked him was it easy for him to step out and pursue his own way. "At first it was challenging," he says. "I was worried about what other people would think. My family was supportive. They just let me be me. My brother sings R&B too. It just motivated me to do my own thing. It's a wonderful feeling."

Where did he find the courage to go it alone? "My grandmother would tell me to pray for strength and boldness," Los says. "Prayer is my best advice to people. Step out on faith. Faith without works is dead. Don't be scared. Just go out there and do it, and know that God is with you. Keep God first, and everything will go as planned."

On Twitter Los' handle is @WhoisLos. I asked him the question who he would say Los is. "Somebody that is humble, God-fearing, passionate and lovable," he answers. "That's me." Stay connected with Los on Twitter, Facebook and Reverbnation.

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