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Mississippi man found alive in body bag has died

The Mississippi man who was found alive in a body bag at a funeral home before being embalmed has died. CNN reports on March 13 that the family of Walter Williams is certain he has passed away this time and will not be found kicking in a body bag again. Williams passed away at home after surviving for two weeks since his ordeal at the funeral home.

Williams woke up inside a body bag two weeks ago after he was officially pronounced dead and had no pulse. At the funeral home, workers noticed his kicking while they made embalming preparations and called an ambulance. Nicknamed “Snowball,” he had a heart condition and was actually in hospice before being declared dead the first time.

After he was found alive, Williams spent several days in a hospital before being allowed to go home to spend time with family. His daughter shares he was able to spend two weeks with more family members before he passed away. He did not remember many details about the experience, but he admitted he felt he was sleeping deeply before waking up at the funeral home.

His nephew calls the extra two weeks a miracle, but he is certain that Williams is actually dead this time. The family shares it is not angry at the coroner for making a mistake the first time and is simply glad Snowball was able to spend more time with his children.

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