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Missions Untapped

Missions Untapped
Missions Untapped
Jeremy Banas

By now, most in San Antonio know what a growler fill station is, with several of these 'beer-to-go' concepts having popped up in the last year. Now San Antonio now welcomes its latest: Missions Untapped, located at 8123 Broadway, suite B, just inside the 410 loop.

For Chris George, his wife Yvette Garcia and his brother-in-law Xavier Garcia, the idea of going into business together was not something they had considered in the past. However, after becoming regulars at Big Hops Growler Station on Broadway, the idea of Missions Untapped began to take hold. “We love the art behind craft beer and all it represents” said George. ”We want to share the passion with San Antonio and support local craft beer community with events, tastings, etc”.

When asked about his inspiration for Missions (Big Hops Growler Station) being so close to his location, George advised that they were not worried about having to compete with nearby businesses. “We’re a different concept. We wanted a place people could come in, sit back and relax. We’ll have a different selection as well.”

The trio started looking at properties last December, then sat down and hashed out their name, logo and focus. Various areas were considered including property near the Churchill H.S. area, but that option ended up being harder to get re-zoned. They soon came upon their current location and signed a lease quickly.

George is an active duty Air Force recruiter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been bounced around over the years along with wife Yvette who is from San Antonio. Yvette’s brother Xavier is a local high school teacher. George is looking to retire in less than two years, giving him plenty of time to make Missions successful.

Chiming in at this point, (Xavier) Garcia advised that they want Missions to "feel like a friendly bar where everyone knows each other and can meet new friends” and both he and George were quick to point out that they’re a bar first and foremost. They just happen to fill growlers as well. Kids are welcome they said, but more during early daytime hours and not at night.

Missions Untapped features 8 taps of craft beer, focusing on local offerings, with many more available in bottle. If demand picks up, it’s likely they’ll install more taps. Missions also accommodates those who may stop by with friends who don’t wish to have a beer, by providing non-alcoholic options, such as craft sodas, much to the delight of George’s wife Yvette Garcia who is partial to craft root beers.

If you get the munchies while at Missions, George advised they would have some bar snacks, but that food trucks will also be on premises periodically.

Missions definitely has a different vibe than other bars or growler stations and a much more classier feel than previous bars at that location. Although under construction, the back room will later serve as a tasting room with extra tap handles that can be used for private parties as well.

The entire interior of the building was renovated by George and Xavier themselves with a lot of help from George's wife and son. The beer cooler in back is certainly unique, having been built from scratch with a temperature controlled A/C system. The inside vibe features pictures and history of the Catholic missions in San Antonio, dark wood furniture and earth tone walls, making one feel quite at home with T.V’s on the back walls playing a variety of sports.

"We're excited to be apart of the growing craft beer scene in San Antonio and Texas" said George "Come on down and get to know us".

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