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Mission statement checklist

How clear is your mission?
How clear is your mission?
Natalia Mitkovskaya

Every company and organization needs a mission statement that lets everyone know who they are and what they do better than anyone else. The mission statement should communicate your strategic advantage over your competitors. As I consult with companies and organizations in the USA and around the world, I am astounded at how few organizations have great mission statements and how many actually have none. Here is a checklist that I designed to help leaders assess their organization's mission statement and stated core values. To clarify, your mission statement declares who you are and what you do. Your values express how you do what you do. Your vision statement reveals where you are going, and your strategy explains how you will get here. In this lean economy, great businesses must understand who they are and what they do. Their mission statement makes this clear to the owners, executives, staff and clients. It might be time to revisit and revise your mission statement. This short ten point checklist might help you.

* Does your mission statement communicate who you are?

* Does it express your uniqueness and strategic advantage?

* Is it clear?

* Is it concise?

* Is it impactful & unforgettable?

* Is there “buy in” by everyone in the organization?

* Is it inculcated into your company's culture?

* Do people see it in action?

* Are all your organization's decisions made in accordance with your mission and values?

* Do these really express what you believe and what’s most important to you as an organization?


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