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Mission Corporate Employee Gifting Ideas for 2014 - Accomplished

Promotional Giveaways Gifts Design
Promotional Giveaways Gifts Design
Promotional Giveaways Gifts Design

Who does not like a token of appreciation? It is always great to receive gifts and greater when one understands the reason behind it. Carefully planned corporate gifting ideas can boost employee inspiration levels and loyalty towards the company.

However, at the same time, it is not easy to pick things interesting things. In these times of internet, nothing is very unique or different from what employees already have. So, the mission is to find right Promotional Giveaways Gifts Design and here is what can help.

What to give?

  1. Though a large part of your idea relies on the kind of company, it is usually safer to give away tech items. People are crazy about anything that could be connected with a USB. From fans to flash drives, they will be happy to get it.
  2. From the tech section, power banks are highly recommended. They allow on-the-go charging and are more readily accepted and regularly used than anything else.
  3. Do a lot of your employees own pets? It is the perfect opportunity to give away something for their little friends. Toys, eatables, chew sticks and tags, the choices are limitless.
  4. One can never get enough of motivational messages imprinted on table accessories. Phone holders, interesting paper weights, cup holders are mini pillows are some terrific ideas.
  5. Have you explored some of the table puzzles and games? They will certainly keep the employees engaged. After all, everyone likes refreshing activities when work gets boring.

What not to give?

  1. Please try to avoid those clichéd promotional gifting ideas on the lines of bags, pens and mouse pads. No one uses that kind of stuff anyway.
  2. Do not try those umbrella company ideas. They find the cheapest umbrellas in town and imprint them with their logo. Do you actually think that employees are going to enjoy it?
  3. Key chains and luggage tags have also faded away from the list of interesting gifting ideas. They were popular at a time, but not anymore.
  4. The case is similar with luggage bags too. No matter how cool your bag is, employees don't carry them unless your company logo is Nike or Adidas.
  5. Notebooks fall into the gray zone. Should you use them or should you not? Well, give away notebooks only if you have something really interesting. Couple them with trendy pen designs for better acceptance. Unfortunately, not many companies can handle it well and end up messing the employee gifting idea.
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