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Missing your pet?

Missing Pet Detectives
Deborah Cooke

Take a look at a very special, "One-of-a-Kind" Pet Service!

Missing Pet Detectives!

Deborah and her canine search dogs can assist pet owner's who've lost their pet/s by using knowledge, timing and her dog's noses!

You may think this is an easy job, but can you imagine searching for a lost pet in temperatures over 100 degrees? Deborah can't just let her dogs "Go" she actually runs the distances alongside of them! Deborah trains her own dogs and is Nationally Known and Recognized for her efforts in Search And Rescue. Is she always successful? That's a great question! Think about this; we are working with canines who although they can smell 1,000 times better than humans can, they are after all, dogs.

By hiring Deborah you must keep this in mind! If for none other than your peace of mind knowing that you didn't give up, you tried your hardest to find your beloved pet, and did everything possible, I'd say that's a pretty good feeling.

Az Pet Professionals have known Deborah for over 4 years as a member of our group and she is a dedicated, compassionate, pet lover. We love her like family and really.......that's what she's become!

Deborah doesn't always search with her canine team. You can call Deborah for some tips on what to do if you've just lost your beloved pet because she provides a "no obligation" professional consultation.

If you'd like to keep Deborah's website and telephone handy in case you ever lose your pet here are some links directly to her website. Don't forget to watch Deborah in action on her videos. Thank you Deborah for being such an amazing, compassionate, dedicated pet expert! Your family at Az Pet Professionals couldn't love you more!

Business website: Business telephone: 480-751-9700

Kim MacCrone

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