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Missing Worlds Media releases new 'City of Titans' teaser trailer

Missing Worlds Media, the "City of Heroes" fan-driven effort to create a spiritual successor to the superhero MMORPG that would have celebrated its tenth anniversary today, has released an updated version of the "City of Titans" teaser trailer. Additionally, the video game startup, which well exceeded its Kickstarter goal for its inaugural game last year, released some updates via comments on its official Facebook page.

Missing Worlds Media releases new teaser trailer for "City of Titans"
Missing Worlds Media Facebook page

The 96-second video shows off some early "City of Titans" rendering work and features the song "We Are Villains" by Hellwreckage, the game's music lead, in the background. Made with Unreal Engine, the game is obviously still at a very early stage, and as Missing Worlds points out, most game development studios don't even show off their work to this extent at this point in the development cycle. The game is expected to enter the pre-alpha stage sometime around December of this year, with beta following sometime in late 2015.

Other information included in comments on MWM's Facebook page include the news that character powers have been coded and are being reviewed and number crunched. An update to the tailor is also mentioned (MWM has said that it intends to release its character creator/tailor as a separate module first so players can create characters and design costumes ahead of game launch).

Something of major interest to "City of Heroes" players is also mentioned. Using scripts generated by a tool provided by the Titan Network prior to that game's shutdown, it may be possible to import or recreate "City of Heroes" characters in "City of Titans." While it's not the same as bringing the game back for these players, this is pretty good news to hear on what would have been "City of Heroes'" tenth anniversary.

Missing Worlds Media seems to be following in the footsteps of Paragon Studios in terms of community interaction. After watching the video, interested parties can visit their Facebook page to post comments or questions for the team about "City of Titans."

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