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Missing woman found stuck in quicksand: Harrowing plight lasted 14 hours

Woman found stuck in quicksand 14 hours after she was reported missing.
Woman found stuck in quicksand 14 hours after she was reported missing.
Wikimedia Commons

A 78-year-old missing woman was found stuck in quicksand along an area of a park where she often took her walks. The Utah woman was reported missing when she failed to show up for an event that was being held at a nearby library, reports MSN News on July 15.

Deputies set out for the park that she was known to frequent and found her car in the parking lot. They then searched the bike path, where she was known to walk and they heard her calling for help. Deputies followed her cries about a quarter of a mile up the path to where she was, stuck in an area of quicksand.

One of the elderly woman's legs was stuck in the quicksand up to her knee, but she couldn't free herself. She had been there 14 hours waiting for help. She had water, which she had taken with her on her walk at the Courthouse Wash in Arches National Park.

It took four people to free her from the quicksand because as they started to dig her out, it would fill right back in. Finally they were able to free the very grateful woman. Although she was tired, she was in good condition. The rescuers carried her out of the park after her long day.

According to ABC News today, the unnamed woman was found the night of July 9 after being reported missing 14 hours before. Sharon Brussels who works at the Arches described the tough time that the rescuers had trying to dig the stranded woman out of this quicksand. It just wouldn't let go of her even with four people digging at the same time.

Brussels said it is rare to get stuck in quicksand, but when water saturates sandy areas the quicksand forms and if you step in it you can get stuck. She said she was aware of a similar incident of quicksand, but it was a cow that got stuck and couldn't break free.

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