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Missing Wisconsin baby found alive in duffle bag outside gas station in Iowa

The missing newborn baby, only five-days-old, was found in a duffle bag outside an Iowa gas station in the cold. The massive man-hunt for the baby started when the parents woke up to find Kayden Powell missing from his bassinet, which was in the same room with his sleeping parents in their Beloit, Wisconsin home, according to Fox News on Feb. 7.

Missing Wisconsin baby found in duffle bag outside of Iowa gas station.
YouTube screen shot

There was no signs of forced entry in the house and the police had very little to go on to find this baby. Approximately 70 law enforcement officers from local, state and federal units joined in on the search for this tiny baby boy.

When the family went to sleep on Thursday night, the last time the baby was seen when a woman left the house at about 1:30 a.m. and headed home to Colorado. Police in Benoit got a hold of her on her cell phone, she was on the highway in Iowa. Police in Iowa met up with the woman, but she was cleared as the baby wasn't with her, or was he?

Wisconsin newborn missing: 5-day-old Infant taken from bassinet as family slept

It is very coincidental that the baby was found at a gas station in Iowa, the state where this woman had pulled off the highway and waited for the Iowa police to come and interview her at the request of the Beloit Police Department.

Did this woman ditch little Kayden before the Iowa police arrived at the spot she was told to wait for them? The woman was arrested by the Iowa police because she had an outstanding warrant in Texas, but she was not arrested at the time for anything to do with the missing baby. All the police would say is that they "have a person of interest" today and they have mentioned that this is a woman. Was this the same woman who was visiting the parents of the baby and left the house at 1:30 a.m.? That is not known at this time.

Thankfully the baby, who was "swaddled" in little blankets inside a tote bag, was fine. Luckily the police chief in an Iowa town was in the area and heard the baby crying and got him safely out of the elements. If he had not found the baby in the cold, there is no telling how long the infant would have lasted in the freezing weather. More to come on this story.

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