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Holly Bobo: Zachary Adams charged in the Holly Bobo case

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In the Holly Bobo case, in which the student nurse was last seen outside her West Tennessee home some three years ago when she was 20-years-old, a person has been indicted. Zachary Adams, 29, was charged with the kidnapping and killing of Holly Bobo, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday.

Holly Bobo went missing on April 13, 2011. Bob’s brother told authorities that he saw a man wearing hunting clothes take her into the woods near the family home. The Bobo home is located approximately 100 miles northeast of Memphis in a town called Parsons.

Investigators were searching Adams’ home on unrelated charges to the Bobo case last Friday. During that investigation, Bob was arrested for an aggravated assault charge.

Now, Mark Gwyn, the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, has announced that a grand jury has incited Adams in the disappearance of Holly Bobo.

Apparently, evidence was found related to the Bobo case when investigators searched Adams home last Friday, but Director Gwyn would not reveal what evidence was found by the authorities – or if any evidence was actually found. Adams home is some 15 miles away from Bobo’s home in the Holladay community.

Adams is in custody with bond not having been set. Surmised from Gwyn’s announcement on the case, there may be other arrests related to the Bobo case as the investigation continues.

Hansel McAdams, the District Attorney General, said that it is believed that it can be proven that Bobo was taken forcefully from her home without her consent. McAdams also said that it is believed that Bobo was killed in the perpetration of that kidnapping.

If Adams is convicted, McAdams asserted that he would consider pursing the death penalty for Adams.



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