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Missing Buffalo pit bull has been found: Ginja is safe

Ginja and Robert Misseri of Guardians of Rescue looking quite happy after the dog's safe return.
Guardians of Rescue

Few details can be discussed how the Buffalo, N.Y. pitbull named Ginja was finally rescued on Saturday, but the photographs of a happy dog and Guardians of Rescue, Robert Misseri bring huge sighs of relief from animal lovers and advocates across the nation.

The heavy chain attached to Ginja's collar is now gone, and the dog has been taken to an undisclosed location, where as Misseri stated, the dog will only have to decide which side of the bed she prefers. Ginja will not be returned to the Buffalo Animal Shelter from where she was stolen nor will she be cared for by the Guardians of Rescue.

In a statement earlier Saturday afternoon, Misseri publicly thanked Matt Albert for his help in negotiating the safe return of Ginja:

"We want to thank Matt Albert who has been the lead advocate for Ginja and for his dedication to this case to see that this case does not fall through the cracks. We were very pleased that Matt entrusted us to find Ginja and we are very happy we did. We have total confidence in Matt Albert as a former prosecutor. We know that he will see that justice is fully served upon Shannon Richardson and will continue to keep pressure on the DA's office! A big thank you to everyone involved. Together we save them!"

Ginja was one of four pit bulls seized from the home of Buffalo Police cell block attendant Shannon Richardson, who was indicted last week for three felony counts of prohibition of animal fighting and two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. He also faces a misdemeanor count of prohibition of animal fighting in connection with the dog fighting equipment Buffalo police recovered from his Erb Street residence.

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On a Facebook page dedicated to finding justice in this dog fighting case, more details were revealed about her rescue and the reward money offered. In addition to thanking Misseri and Albert, the page owner had the following to add:

"We would like to thank Ginja's Gang. Ginja's Gang was ALL of you. Everyone who liked the page, said a prayer for this beautiful animal, hung up a flier, or signed a petition deserves much credit. People came together and united around a pure creature who dealt with the worst of humanity, from the cruel streets of the worst neighborhoods, to the callous and sinister halls of City and County Government. While she experienced the worst of humanity, she also helped bring out the best in it. With that, battle lines have been drawn for future fights. Ginja is found. But the hunt for a kinder culture is just beginning."

Welcome to your new life Ginja.

Report any suspicions of dog fighting. Make a difference and be heard.

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