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Missing Publishers Clearing House winner found: Disabled woman wins

As Georgia Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes fans waited with baited breath to see who would win a $10,000 cash prize last month they learned that the winner was from another state and the PCH Prize Patrol didn't even find her at home when they arrived. Fast forward to April 9, 2014, and Dave Sayer, the founder of the high-profile prize delivery team says on his Facebook page that "after a few weeks of searching we finally found her!"

Mary Ihry of Coos Bay, Oregon never dreamed she would actually win anything for entering the sweepstakes that boasts at least a billion entries for their super prizes. But she did win, and she wasn't at home to collect that money when it finally happened.

Ihry said she was in Texas visiting her family, and she had been for a couple of months, according to KCBY, who covered the story. But Dave Sayer promises that when a winner is not home they will do everything they can to find them, so Georgia fans of the sweepstakes company don't have to worry about missing their vacations this year for fear Sayer and his crew will not give them their winnings if they are not at home. He will, but he may have to ask someone else to do it for him, like he did in Ihry's case.

Publishers Clearing House had to rely on the local florist in the winner's area to house the two Big Checks bearing Mary's name--$10,000 for entering the sweepstakes and $10,000 for being a PCH Superfan. But the real checks were safely at PCH, just waiting for notification from Mary that she would be home to accept them when they were delivered a second time. And when they knew she would be, they asked The World's Tim Novotny if he would step into Dave Sayer's shoes for a day. And he gladly did.

Fortunately for Mary, some people who knew her happened to be in the florist after Sayer's attempted delivery didn't pan out, and they saw the large white cardboard type checks bearing her name that were being kept there, so they helped the direct marketing company locate their missing prize winner.

The disabled woman from Oregon who missed the elite Prize Patrol team of Dave, Todd and Danielle finally received flowers, champagne and two real checks to go with her two big fake checks this month. And she still finds it hard to believe she won.

I just about dropped my teeth," Mary said after hearing about the win.

That is probably how Tim T. of Bainbridge, Ga. felt when he learned recently that his game playing on the site didn't just earn him tokens; it earned him a prize as well according to this PCH Blog post. Everyone hopes to win a prize from this company, but few really expect to win. And Mary Ihry is a perfect example, not even keeping up with the Facebook posts by the prize patrol team last month, which would have told her they were in her neck of the woods.

Don't make that same mistake this month, when they plan to deliver a super prize of $7,000 a week for life to some lucky person--if the winning entry is returned, of course. If the winning number is not returned, a second-chance drawing winner will receive a check for $25,000 a year for 29 years, and then in the 30th year that person will receive a final lump sum payment of $275,000, rounding out a million dollars total.

And if you are wondering what Mary Ihry will spend her $20,000 sweepstakes money on, since she lives on a fixed income, she says it will be a new wardrobe of clothes.

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