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Missing pregnant woman: 'Possible evidence' found, search party still on lookout

Photo of the woman who has gone missing in Hawaii
Photo of the woman who has gone missing in Hawaii
Twitter Photo, Newsrender

A missing pregnant woman has gathered national attention this week as a search party continues to be on the lookout for Carly Scott in Maui, Hawaii. According to state officials, “possible evidence” has been found that might help investigators learn more about Scott’s whereabouts, but authorities have not yet disclosed this possible clue with the public at this time. ABC News shares this Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, that the missing female is 5 months pregnant, and that her friends and family are still “hopeful” that she may be found alive and well.

The missing pregnant woman, 27-year-old Carly Scott, vanished earlier this week in Hawaii. The first major frightening find surrounding her disappearance case is that the female’s SUV was discovered completely burned only several days ago in a rural area on the island of Maui. Carly Scott’s mother first officially reported her daughter missing this Monday afternoon. She said to Hawaii police officers that a family member last saw the 27-year-old woman on Sunday night while visiting her sister’s house in Haiku (a small area located in northeastern Maui).

As of this Friday, a number of private search parties are continuing to actively be on the lookout for Scott, who is currently 5 months pregnant. Word of “possible evidence” was allegedly located this Thursday during one of the searches. However, what specifically was found during the search hasn’t been disclosed. Any possible discoveries have been requested by Hawaii police authorities to immediately be reported and not be moved or touched.

According to the press release on the female’s torched car and the missing pregnant woman:

“The Makawao woman's totally burned 1997 Toyota 4Runner was discovered this Wednesday in Haiku's Peahi area. It is said that shortly before the remains of the car were spotted by a search party, authorities discovered Scott's pet dog in the close community of Nahiku, added a local news source.”

It is thought that Steven Capobianco, Carly Scott’s ex-boyfriend, might be a potential suspect in the vanishing case. Hawaii News Now noted in their report that as cited in his statement, Scott picked Capobianco up on Sunday evening and drove him a number of miles away on the long Hana Highway in her SUV in order to help him fix his truck. At that time, Nala (Scott’s pet dog) was said to be with her during the relatively long drive.

Capobianco went on to say during his statement that Scott drove behind him for a time on their way back to Haiku. However, he claims to have lost track of the missing pregnant woman’s SUV while on the road, and he believes that she should have made it securely back to her destination.

During the first week of the search, the rural areas of Maui island have been explored. Additional search party teams are said to be continuing lookout attempts into this weekend as well.

"I sent her a text that said, 'thank you,' but I figured she was working, that's why she didn't get back to me right away," Capobianco told the Hawaii news site. "It wasn't until the cops showed up at my house at 5:30 in the morning the next day that I realized something was wrong."

Capobianco noted that police have already questioned him, and gave him a lie-detector test. Although he failed it, the missing pregnant woman’s ex-boyfriend attests that he most “absolutely” would never hurt Carly Scott. He added that he is devastated that she has not been found, and has no idea what may have happened to her.

At this point in time, Hawaii police authorities have not made any formal arrests or publicly named any suspects in the case.

"I mean, it's undeniable that I'm probably the prime suspect, so they're not going to tell me details," Capobianco concluded.

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