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Missing pregnant woman Carly Scott: Hawaiian woman's burned SUV, dog found

Carly Scott has been missing since Feb. 10.

A missing pregnant woman’s belongings were located – including her clothes, dog and her badly burned and flipped over 1997 Toyota 4Runner SUV – on Wednesday, but authorities are still baffled as to what happened to 26-year-old Hawaiian resident Carly Scott.

According to the Inquisitr on Friday, clothes belonging to Carly “Charli” Scott, who is five and a half months pregnant, were found Thursday along Hawaii’s Hana Highway on the island of Maui, near where she was last seen. Scott was reported missing on Monday, Feb, 10.

Scott’s dog “Nala,” a Pit bull mix, was also found approximately 20 miles from where Scott’s SUV was located – abandoned, flipped over and burned out.

Scott was last seen Sunday night on her way to pick up Steven Capobianco, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn child. Capobianco’s truck had broken down on Hana Highway, and he had left it there. Returning home, he phoned Scott to come pick him up and bring him back with his tools.

“She picked me up from my house at 8:30 (p.m.), drove out to my truck that I got stuck in Keanae and she dropped me off at my truck. It took me about 10 minutes to fix my truck, because I had the tools with me at that time,” Capobianco said in an exclusive interview with Hawaii News Now.

Capobianco was able to fix his truck, and remembers seeing Scott driving behind him.

“And then we came back to Haiku. And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time,” he said.

The following day, Tuesday, police came to Capobianco's house at 5:30 in the morning saying Scott never made it home and had been reported missing by her family.

Steven admits he does not have a good relationship with Scott’s mother, and said he was interrogated at the police station and even given a lie detector test – which he failed.

“The police told me I failed,” Capobianco says. “They didn't make me take it again. I'm honestly not convinced I failed; I think they might have just said that as a tactic, but I really don't know… I'm walking around right now without handcuffs on.”

Capobianco says he knows he is “undeniably probably the prime suspect,” but denies any wrongdoing or harming his on again, off again girlfriend. He has yet to be arrested or charged.

Scott’s SUV was found at the top of “Jaws Surf Break,” a popular surf spot near Capobianco's home that is full of dirt roads, dunes and abandoned cars. The area is notorious for being a ditching spot for stolen vehicles.

“There is absolutely no reason that Charli would have taken her car out there alone,” her mother Kimberly Scott said. “It's a party place. Charli is five and a half months pregnant, as a girl you just don't go out there alone and Nala wasn't with her.”

Scott has bright right red hair, stands about 5’10″ and weighs approximately 160 pounds. Scott’s friends have created a Facebook page dedicated to finding her.

Anyone with information on Scott's whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Wendell Loo at (808) 270-6516 during business hours or (808) 268-2763 after hours.

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