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Missing plane update: Flight MH370 ran out of fuel, light damage to Malaysia jet

A missing plane update has been made clear this week, as experts are now theorizing Flight MH370 “likely” ran out of fuel during a controlled flight. They are also reasoning that the Malaysia Airlines jet would only have sustained light damage, if any, as no evidence of serious damage to the aircraft has been concluded yet. The Seattle Times reports this Monday, June 23, 2014, that investigators have in turn decided to focus their overall search into more southwestern regions of the Indian Ocean.

Missing plane update involving Flight MH370 running out of fuel
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The disappearance of Flight MH370 is one of the most prominent mysteries in today’s day and age, but — little by little — progress is gradually being made in determining just what happened to this missing plane. Everything from conspiracy rumors to cover up allegations have been made in recent months, but air experts are now saying that the Malaysia Airlines jet may have been in controlled flight and ran out of fuel.

One of the few confirmed factors in this ongoing mystery is that Flight 370 abruptly veered off its intended flight path in the air back on March 8, 2014, instead of continuing on course. Now, investigators plan on maintaining the massive search, but doing so in a different area based on new evidence that’s come to light. The hunt will now cover unexplored waters hundreds of miles south and west in the Indian Ocean, a considerable distance from where officials were looking before.

The New York Times adds that an investigation is also being launched into the likelihood of the Malaysia Airlines plane only suffering light — or a described “not serious” state of — damage while in the air. It is also suspected to have been set to controlled flight settings for several hours afterwards, even once contact with the mainland had been lost. This speculation has spurred even a new slew of potential conspiracy theories about the tragic fate of the vanishing aircraft and its hundreds of passengers.

What is experts’ reasoning behind this most recent update to the whereabouts of the missing plane? A new analysis of MH370’s radar data — according to raw information provided by the Malaysian military earlier this month — points to the idea that the jet had contact with the overhead Inmarsat satellite near the earth’s equator. The examination of these electronic pings on the Indian Ocean suggests that former altitude readings might have been incorrect, and so the overall search is now focusing on this new southwest region. More details on this expanded hunting area can be found in the adjacent Examiner link.

At this time, officials have not offered many specific details about all current Malaysian radar readings or what (possible) light damage the vanished jet sustained. However, some raw Inmarsat satellite data has been unveiled (and is featured in the above video), which may be crucial to unraveling the mystery. It has additionally not been publicly conjectured about why the Boeing aircraft might have remained in the air so long as to almost completely run out of fuel or been in a state of controlled flight in its off-course path.

This latest theory and update surrounding Flight MH370 has a direct contrast with one witness who believed she saw the missing plane falling from the sky earlier this June. While traveling over the Indian Ocean, the British woman claimed that she saw what may have been the missing plane, except it was on fire and going down in a trail of smoke.

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