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Missing plane landed? Where officials believe missing plane ended flight

If the missing plane landed, investigators are hot on the trail to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Inquisitr reports March 15 that the jetliner was likely hijacked and may have arrived somewhere in Central Asia. If that's true, investigators and searchers believe the jet may have touched down in a region of China where violent Uyghur separatist reside. If the missing plane landed in that region, it could have been somewhere near the Chinese/Kyrgyz border.

The Uyghur separatists have been terrorizing China with one incident happening last week in which 29 people were killed at a train station during a knife attack. As the report highlighted, many passengers on the flight were Chinese.

Officials will continue searching this out to see if the missing plane landed in Kyrgyzstan or somewhere in that area.

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