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Missing Oregon mother: Jennifer Huston not missing on own accord, claims family

Missing Oregon mother, Jennifer Huston, isn't staying away on her on accord, claims family. She is being kept from her family by someone because she would never leave like she did.
Facebook/ Find Jennifer Huston

The family of Jennifer Huston is searching for the missing mom who went out to get gas four days ago and never returned home. If Jennifer is not coming home that is because someone is keeping her from doing this, the husband said during his media plea for his wife’s return, according to ABC News on July 28.

If you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon then chances are you have seen this woman’s face plastered all over parking lots, shopping centers and anywhere else people congregate. The family is getting her face out there and they have also combed the area for any sign of her car.

According to the News Tribune, the family started a Facebook page, Find Jennifer Huston, in hope of someone seeing her or knowing something about her disappearance.

Police have exhausted their leads and it seems they are no closer to finding her than when she first went missing last week. Kallen Huston, who is the husband of the missing mother of two, is grateful for the overwhelming help his family has received when looking for his wife.

Anyone who knows Huston does not believe she would get up and leave her two sons, ages two and six, or her husband. She wouldn’t just leave without a word to her close-knit family, Kallen Huston conveyed to reporters.

38-year-old Huston is a “stay-at-home mom,” said her husband. She was involved in her community and also in her son’s school. He said he has asked her really-close girlfriends if there was something that he didn’t know about her.

He said he asked them if he had done something to upset her. “Was she upset with me and I was just clueless to the fact?” That isn’t the case apparently because everyone who knows the missing mom said that she had no reason to leave and they are adamant that she wouldn’t just get up and go.

The last know video surveillance shots of Huston were from Thursday evening where she is seen buying gas at a Circle K station in Newberg. The license plate number is WXH011 with Oregon plates on her dark green Lexus, which is the car she was driving. The car has not been found.

Huston’s mother, Deborah Turner, believes that he daughter met with foul play. She believes that Huston didn’t return home because someone won’t let her. The mother believes that her daughter is being held and not allowed to call home or to call any family members.

Huston’s mom also said that if she was being held, her daughter would fight to get out of there. There is no way that her daughter is off enjoying herself somewhere, she wants to come home, but whoever has her won’t let her.

That is the only scenario the family can think of to explain why Jennifer is not coming home, except of course for the unthinkable. Nobody wants to go into any possible negative outcomes as of yet, when it comes to the disappearance of Jennifer Huston, the mother of two from Dundee, Oregon.

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