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Missing NYU student found: He was wedged between two buildings for two days

Asher Vongtau, a 19-year-old undergrad attending New York University, was reported missing on Saturday, and was found on the afternoon of Nov. 3, tightly wedged between two buildings in Lower Manhattan where he had languished for two days.

After being stuck in an 18 inch wide crevice, the 19-year-old was found alive but in critical condition.

According to Reuters, Vongtau had been stuck between a five-story parking garage and a 17-story dormitory building. When found, he was alive and conscious, but in pretty bad shape.

The space between the buildings measured only 18 inches in width. Drilling through a cinderblock wall to extricate him, firefighters worked for 90 minutes before the teen was finally freed.

Vongtau was transported afterwards to Bellevue Hospital, where yesterday he was listed as being in critical condition. Today, his condition was listed as serious.

Adding to the bizarre nature of this story is that the only way Vongtau could have come to be wedged between those two buildings was to have somehow been lowered, dropped, or fallen from the rooftops.

"The circumstances of how the student came to be in this space are unclear to us," John Beckman, vice president for Public Affairs at NYU, said in a statement.

The student also didn’t live in the dorm where he got stuck. What he was doing there is also a mystery.

A public safety officer making his rounds at the dorm where the wayward 19-year-old was wedged is being credited with finding some of Vongtau's possessions in the area. That same public safety officer then discovered the 19-year-old stuck and groaning in the crevice between the two buildings.

For more on Asher Vongtau being wedged between those buildings for two days, see the video accompanying this article.

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