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Missing Nigerian girls: New threats and strange indifference

Boko Haram Conflict Map
Boko Haram Conflict Map
Phil Free Wikimedia Commons

The Nigerian government, particularly President Jonathan Goodluck, appear to be strangely indifferent to the plight of up to 200 missing girls. His latest statement was a bland admission that he does not know where they are. As national and international rage soars to new levels every day, Goodluck seems intent on doing as little as possible to destroy Boko Haram. According to a May 5 BBC News article, AFP News service obtained a video with new threats from Boko Haram’s alleged leader.

According to a May 5 Al Jazeera report, US Secretary of State John Kerry has promised help. Nigeria has requested international help, but hazy associations with Boko Haram continue to cloud the issue.

Three new developments include Boko Haram’s threats to sell the girls into marriage and a first lady who seems to think she has the power to arrest activists. There is a creepy, jubilant disrespect for the stricken north in President and First Lady Goodluck, and that sets people’s teeth on edge.


Leader Abubakar Shekau produced a video where he admitted to taking about 230 girls from their school in Chibok, a town in the Borno state of northern Nigeria. He insisted the girls should not have been in school, but should be married. Shekau also said,

"God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions."

Boko Haram operates with middle eastern funding and the profits from organized crime. They claim to be against western education but there are signs they are more of a political tool.

Inside Nigeria, all sides accuse the others of supporting the insurgents, but President Goodluck and his first lady seem to be the happiest and least useful about the kidnappings, deaths and turmoil caused by Boko Haram.

Naomi Mutah is the woman who helped organize last week's protest in Nigeria's capital. She and another leader in the Chibok community (where the girls come from) tried to meet with First Lady Patience Jonathan, but she had them arrested. Both have since been released.

The first lady has made inflammatory comments, accusing the Chibok activists of supporting Boko Haram and faking the abductions. Now she is under as much fire as the rest of Nigeria’s government.

She did not help matters by waiting for weeks after the abductions before she claimed to have shed tears for the kidnapped girls. This is the behavior of a woman who thinks she is above accountability.

Nigeria's presidential election is set for next February 15. It looks like the Goodlucks will easily keep their positions, but they will have problems much sooner if people take matters into their own hands.

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