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Missing New York man resurfaces after 20 years in San Diego

A New York man who has been missing for 20 years resurfaced in San Diego and stated he wants to be declared alive so he can collect his pension.

Winston Bright

Winston Bright went missing in New York City in October 1990. Bright told 10News on Thursday that he ended up in San Diego and he didn't know how he got there. His memory started coming back in bits and pieces and he spent his time wandering the streets. He called himself Kwame Seku and went back to school and earned his GED. He then earned a teaching certificate and began working for the public school system until he retired.

According to Bright, over the years as his memory started improving he would do research on the internet until he was able to figure out who he really was. Then three years ago, he found his family in New York and contacted them. He told them he had suffered from amnesia.

Bright's story doesn't end there, because he wants the courts to declare him alive as he was declared dead 14 years ago. Bright's wife, Leslie, 63, is not too happy about that idea. It turns out Bright wants to collect his pension from the New York Telephone Company where he worked and in order to do that he has to be declared alive. His wife on the other hand has been receiving the pension since he was declared dead and she is fighting to keep it. Besides, Leslie doesn't believe her husband ever had amnesia.

"Since I made the court motion, my relationship with my family has soured. We aren't speaking," said Bright. "At this point, I'm okay with whatever the court decides. I'm hoping to focus on the relationship with my family."

Leslie doesn't believe Winston at all and thinks he faked his amnesia and doesn't really want anything to do with the family then or now.

"All he wants is money. He doesn't want his children. He doesn't want me. He made that clear when he came here," Leslie told DNA Info in New York.

Once Bright settles the pension matters in court he is liable to find himself right back in the courthouse as Leslie plans to go to court herself to ask the Judge for back child support and alimony from him.

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