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Missing Mt. Hood Hiker, 71, and dog found in good condition

Missing Mt. Hood hiker, 71, and dog found in good condition
Missing Mt. Hood hiker, 71, and dog found in good condition
KGW News

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, KGW News reported a missing Oregon 71-year-old hiker and his dog have been found and are both in good condition.

Gary Tuor of Sandy, Oregon, went missing during a hiking trip on Sunday night. His wife, Sandra Cleveland, reported him missing around noon on Monday. Searchers located Tuor sitting at a campfire with his Labrador retriever around 9:30 Monday night and rescue crews walked him out early this morning.

Tuor told the rescuers that when he realized he was lost, he made a fire and stayed with his dog while he waited to be found.

According to Lieutenant Robert Wurpes of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office, Tuor had been hiking with his black Labrador retriever, Buddy, and hiking Partner Abel Caba, 38, at the Devil's Meadow Campground near Zigzag Mountain west of Mount Hood.

The Zigzag Mountain Trail is approximately 25 miles from Sandy, Oregon. Devil's Meadow Campground is a primitive camp located at at an elevation near 3,893 feet. Food, gas and lodging are located at Government Camp (4.6 miles ESE).

Cleveland went to the Trailhead on Monday morning, where she found Tuor's car. Caba had found his way back to the vehicle, but stated that he had been separated from Tuor during the night.

Lieutenant Wurpes stated that search and rescue crews and a National Guard helicopter were looking for Tuor and his dog near Highway 26 on Monday night.

According to Tuor, what was meant to be a four-hour hike turned into a potentially dangerous two-day excursion.

"It's not fun being lost."

Both Tuor and his Labrador retriever were said to be in good condition.

While Tuor and his Labrador retriever were stuck in frigid temperatures, both were prepared for the two-day ordeal.

Labrador retrievers like Buddy are known for their all-weather coats, loyalty, endurance and suitability to cold weather. On Monday, Jan. 6, a Labrador retriever mix was rescued in Oregon after spending five days stuck in a ravine.

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