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Missing mom on this Mother's Day!

Mom and dad were together for 65 years.
Mom and dad were together for 65 years.
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For those who still have moms Mother's Day is just perfect because that's just one more day when you can let your mother know just how much you love her. For those of us who no longer have their mom, it's not as special a day. However, the key is to make it special by remembering all the wonderful memories you had with your mother when she was alive.

My mom was an angel who was taken away from this world too soon.
Diana De Rosa Photo

My mom to others was known as Mrs. D because of the riding school named after her (Mrs. D's School of Riding). She was not just loved by her six children but a whole host of other people who all had the chance to get to know this very special woman.

It’s hard to lose anyone in life, but to lose a mom whom you were devoted to is especially traumatic. So many people expressed their sympathies, each in their own way. I'm sure mom was thanking them from heaven.

Mom had cancer and if there is any positive side to cancer it is that your fear of losing the person inspires you to find more time to spend with them and that is something I did. I shall always treasure the additional time spent with mom that I can now think back on and cherish.

While many of these days were filled with sadness and loss, there are also some beautiful memories of a mother that anyone would have been lucky to call mom. Yet, we (the six siblings and dad) were the lucky ones to have had her for our mom and wife.

To us she was an angel that we shall always cherish. Her smile could like up a room. Her endless energy was her trademark. Her love for all of us was a precious jewel.

She enjoyed gardening, golf, food, cooking, being with her family, birds, bookkeeping, politics, spending her winters in Florida, holidays, birthdays, and so much more. She also loved to be color coordinated wherever she went. Her jewelry always matched her outfit.

For me this Mother's Day is in honor of my special angel – a sparkling wife and my Mom!