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Missing Michigan Doctor stalked Pastor Marvin Sapp prior to disappearance

Since the December 5, 2013 disappearance of Teleka Patrick, interesting news of her personal life have been revealed. A few weeks after her disappearance, several YouTube videos including the thirty year old doctor in various scenes displaying her affection to a mystery person.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 21: Gospel singer Marvin Sapp visits SiriusXM Studios on November 21, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

A few days ago, Ms. Patrick's ex-husband Ismael Calderon stated he was concerned for her mental health during their marriage because she displayed signs of mental issues such as hearing voices, and paranoia. Mr. Calderon also stated the demise of their marriage was due to her not seeking help for her alleged mental issues.

Recently, Grand Rapids Michigan news station WOOD TV revealed that Gospel singer Pastor Marvin Sapp filed a personal protection order against Teleka in September 2013. The alleged protection order document reveals that Marvin Sapp stated Teleka been in contact with him for a year prior to moving to Michigan. He also stated she joined his Michigan church, been in contact with his children, visited his home and has sent him 400 correspondences (although he never responded to the correspondences). Marvin Sapp released a statement regarding his protection order against Ms. Patrick:

"Throughout my career, my family and I have fallen victim to inappropriate attempts to contact me by several unknown individuals. As a father of three and pastor of one of the largest congregations in West Michigan, I cannot to take this kind of obsessive attention lightly. Given these previous acts, I have taken several security measures which have included obtaining a protective order to ensure our safety. Not only am I concerned about my family, I am deeply concerned about the well-being of all families. My prayers of love, safety, reconciliation and support are always and forever with God’s children."

As the new revelations of Ms. Patricks personal life and mental health are being revealed, family, friends and investigators are more than ever concerned about finding Ms. Patrick. If what her ex-husband says its true, the search for her should not be taking lightly and people should be concerned for her safety. The author is familiar with various mental disorders and symptoms that accompany the disorders as she was a previous Psychology student.

Teleka Cassandra Patrick is an African American female with brown eyes and complexion. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 160 pounds. She was last seen on December 5, 2013 at Borgess Hospital where she was attending her Psychiatry residency program. Her 1997 Lexus was found 100 miles from her residence in Indiana in a ditch off of I-94 near Portage Indiana on the same night.

Teleka's family and friends created a Facebook Page to bring awareness to the missing case of Ms. Patrick. If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Teleka Patrick, please contact the Kalamazoo Sheriff Department at (269) 383-8748.

Diketa Myers is the Philadelphia Women's Relationship Examiner. For more information Diketa, you can visit her Facebook and/or Twitter page.

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