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Missing man in homeless picture: Family spots their missing son in D.C. photo

Missing man spotted in homeless picture is reunited with his family.
Missing man spotted in homeless picture is reunited with his family.

A family of a missing man spotted him in a photo taken of homeless men that appeared in a Sunday newspaper. Nicholas Simmons, 20, was in upstate New York on New Year’s Day, but he vanished leaving all his belongings behind, according to Fox News on Jan. 6.

Someone in his family spotted Nick in a picture that showed a group of homeless men. The men hovered around a steam grate trying to get warm on the streets of Washington D.C. recently. The homeless men looked destitute, including Nick, trying to get warm in the frigid temperatures blanketing the area recently.

Nick’s parents called the police, who were able to locate their son. According to Fox News live on Monday, his father and brother went to D.C. to pick him up and they will bring him home to be reunited with the family. Thankfully for the Simmons family that someone in their brood was reading Sunday’s Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester where the USA Today picture had been published. The photographer who took this picture is also someone to thank.

The photographer who took the picture talked with Fox News live via the phone today. She said that she went out to see how the homeless people were faring this frigid weather and spotted the young man. He was much younger than the other men in the group and she asked if she could use his name in the paper to go along with the picture. He told her just to call him "Nick."

What transpired to put Nick on the streets of the nation’s capital remains a mystery. The family has not offered up any information about the journey that took Nick to a homeless situation in a matter of days. Whether he suffered some type of mental health crisis or he willfully decided to join the group of homeless people is not known.

What is known is that a missing 20-year-old son is off the frigid and dangerous streets and back in the bosom of his family once again.

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