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Missing man found after photo appears in Sunday paper

A man that had been missing since New Year's Day was found when his photo was used in a story published by USA Today.

Nicholas Simmons and Hannah Simmons

USA Today was doing a story about the cold weather sweeping across the country and an AP photographer Jacquelyn Martin took a photo of an homeless man to accompany the story. The young man's name was "Nick" and he was laying on the ground wrapped in a single blanket with his face and top half of his body propped up on a steam grate to warm himself near the U.S. Capitol.

What Martin didn't know at the time was that the man was actually Nicholas A. Simmons, 20, who has been missing from Greece, NY since Jan. 1.

When the story was published in Sunday's paper, family members saw the story and noticed that the photo taken by Martin had a remarkable likeness to Nick. So much so that they contacted the Greece police.

The Greece police contacted the Washington D.C. police and the located Simmons and found it was indeed him and they took him to the hospital.

"Nick is alive, but obviously not well," posed Nick's mother, Michelle Hannah Simmons on Facebook. "We are going to get him home and safe.

The family is thankful and are aware how lucky they are to find him.

"God took that photo. God made us find him," Michelle told USA Today. "It could have been months before we had a lead on his whereabouts."

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