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Missing Malaysian plane pilot distraught: Possible final 'joy ride' says friend

The missing Malaysian plane pilot was “not in the right state of mind to be flying the plane,” just days after his wife left him, reports a good friend of Flight 370’s pilot. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah may have taken the plane on a “last joyride,” suggests this friend, who is also a fellow pilot, according to News Max on March 26.

Missing Malaysian plane: The captain was not in a state of mind to be flying the Boeing 777 after his wife had just told him she was leaving.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The friend said that the captain was “terribly upset” when his wife, Faiza Khanum Mustfa Khan, told him she was moving out of the family home. The friend of the captain’s believes this is when he decided to take the Boeing 777 to a part of the world he’d never flown before and try some risky maneuvers.

This might explain why the flight ended up in the southern Indian Ocean, but what about the co-pilot? Would he have gone along with “risky maneuvers” on a “joy ride? This interview was revealed just as searchers found what they believe to be the missing Malaysian flight’s debris field. This time instead of one or two objects, over 120 have been spotted.

A debris field, believed to be that of the missing Malaysian plane, has been found in the area of the Indian Ocean that search crews have been looking at for the past week. Boats are now headed towards this field of debris, which covers 154 square miles and contains 122 separate objects, as seen from a satellite photo.

It is almost three weeks since Flight 370 went missing and there's really no tangible evidence of where this ill-fated flight ended. There is still so many unanswered questions in this mystery today.

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