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Missing Malaysian plane: New information sends USS Kidd to Indian Ocean

The missing Malaysian plane might be in the Indian Ocean according to new information received by the United States. According to a March 13 report by ABC News, the U.S. has sent the USS Kidd to the area in hopes of finding the Boeing 777 which has been missing since last Saturday. It will take about 24 hours for the USS Kidd to reach the area.

"It's my understanding that based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive, but new information, an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean, and we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy," said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

The missing Malaysian plane has virtually disappeared and every lead thus far has turned out to be a dead end. If this new information is correct, there is a chance that the USS Kidd will uncover the wreckage of the plane. Given all of the wrong information that has previously been presented, however, hope isn't too strong at this time.

As previously reported, speculation of a possible hijacking has grown over the past few days. Without the actual black box, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what might have happened to that plane and the 239 passengers and crew on board. The search for the aircraft has become dire and many are hoping for answers soon.

The missing Malaysian plane could have crashed or it may have disintegrated -- or it may have landed somewhere. Still, nothing is being ruled out at this point.

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