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Missing Malaysian plane new data: Autopilot programmed to veer off course

The missing Malaysian Airline flight 370 investigation uncovered new evidence from the data received from the plane’s cockpit before the communications were shut down by someone on the plane. The new data discovered shows that the plane veering off course was programmed into the autopilot's computer.

Missing Malaysian plane: Autopilot programmed to take plane off course.
Wikimedia Commons

This was not done by a pilot manually flying the plane, but it was keyed into the auto pilot before the plane went off course, according to Fox News live on Tuesday morning March 18.

Newsmax reports today that someone made those keystrokes directing the autopilot computer to make the change in course. This is not an assumption by investigators of missing flight 370. They have found this in the data, which was transmitted to the ground before the plane’s transponders were turned off by someone in the cockpit.

It is unclear if the flight path was reprogrammed by using the Flight Management System before the plane departed or if it was done while the plane was in mid-flight. The flight path would have been changed by using this system’s computer.

Programming this information into the computer would be something only the pilot or co-pilot would know how to do. This is unless someone very advanced in the workings of the Boeing 777 was on board the flight.

If hijackers did take this Malaysian flight as most theories today point too, why would they take this plane, which is filled with people? Why wouldn’t they take a big cargo plane without hundreds of people on board, which experts say would have been an easier feat than taking this plane?

The Boeing 777 is a plane that has the capability to travel further than other planes on a full tank of fuel. This plane would not need to stop for refueling as many times as other planes that are in the air today.

If the alleged hijackers needed a plane to create a weapon of mass destruction, as other theories suggest, then this would most likely be the plane that they would set their sights on. This would most likely be their plane of choice because of its capability to fly longer on a tank of fuel than other planes.

Hijackers also picked a country that is known for its lax in security at airports, when boarding the plane, if there were hijackers on the plane. Another working theory has the pilots in on the hijacking of this plane, but all of these theories are nothing more than mere possibilities. Experts say they are possibilities, but not necessarily probabilities.

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