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Missing Malaysian plane has 'new last words': Just how does this happen?

The Missing Malaysian plane’s last words from the cockpit were “revised” and instead of the original last words released, “Alright, good night,” new last words are in their place. Now the Malaysian government is presenting “Good Night, Malaysian three seven zero” as the last words to come out of the ill-fated Malaysian plane, according to NBC News on March 31.

Missing Malaysian plane, new last words reported from cockpit.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The discrepancy in the new vs. the old last words are not explained, but somehow they seem to follow suit with everything else that is so indecisive about this investigation. The search site for the missing plane has been moved several times, with nothing new to add.

There are families out there living a nightmare over the inconsistencies that have come along with this missing Malaysian plane since the day it went missing. Hopes rise over pieces of debris found floating in the ocean several times, just to be let down again when nothing can be linked back to the missing plane.

At this point, they seem to have the last words correct, but they still don’t know which pilot said them. Finally someone in authority speaks up and gives some validation to what the family members of the 239 missing souls have been saying from early on in the investigation.

James Hall, a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said, “Everything they do they change.” He summed the investigation up by saying:
“This investigation is an example of what not to do.”

True, but this still doesn’t bring the weary families any closer to finding out the fate of their loved ones. As the days go by and nothing is found in the water to indicate the plane went under, some family members believe that their loved ones are still alive somewhere.

Listening to the wish-washy reports on where the plane went down and then seeing it change time and time again is frustrating. Can you imagine what the family members are going through?

The ship that is pulling the black box locator is ready to start searching, but the problem is where it will search? They can’t seem to get the area of the search down pat. The Australians took to the media to say that they are willing to stay in this search for the long hall. This is at least something for the families to hold onto.

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