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Missing Malaysian plane: Families have bitter-sweet hope passengers are alive

The mystery of the missing Malaysian plane deepened this week with the new evidence suggesting that the plane was deliberately taken off course. This means there is still is the possibility that the Malaysian plane passengers and crew may be still alive. If they are still alive, their families are overwhelmed with fears of what they must be enduring in the hands of their captors.

Missing Malaysian plane passengers, are they alive?
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

According to on March 16, the families of missing Malaysia flight 370 find that this new theory of a hijacking comes with the revelation that their loved ones could very well be alive. This also comes with the frightening thoughts about the anguish their family members might have endured during this hijacking or takeover of the plane.

The relatives of Bob and Cathy Lawton, an Australian couple on the missing flight 370, say that the prospect of what the Lawton’s might be going through terrifies them. Bob’s brother David Lawton is terrified thinking what his brother and sister-in-law might have to endure. David Lawton said:

"That's one of the worst things I could have hoped for." "Even if they are alive, what did they have to put up with?"

A meeting in China between the relatives of the missing Chinese passengers and the Malaysian Airlines saw relatives in tears. As one man put it, “a long time has passed and they don’t disclose (more) information.” The man is described as extremely anxious and teary eyed. The headlines are full of criticism for the Malaysian authorities, who are accused of reporting contradicting stories and not sharing information. Another family member of a passenger finds the reports of a hijacking or take over of the plane comforting saying:

"Our family is relieved that there's an official statement from the Malaysian government, delivered by the Malaysian prime minister, that there's a possibility that the aircraft might have been hijacked," said Indonesian Santi, 42, which is the name that she goes by.

Santi’s brother and sister-in-law were on Malaysian flight 370. The new theory that the plane was taken over and was possibly landed somewhere gives her a glimmer of hope. She said:

"At least it gives us hope that our loved ones are still safe. We really hope that the various governments will help to look for the plane. "

Another relative, Malaysian Subramaniam Gurusamy, 60, whose 34-year-old son Puspanathan Gurusamy was on board, said that he had refused to believe the worst. He continued with:

"I am praying every day for divine help. I will not lose hope. I want to hear my son cry out 'Father!" he said.

The family of the only American adult on board the missing plane, Philip Wood, posted this about their beloved family member to Facebook:

"His word was gold," his family said in a statement. "Incredibly generous, creative and intelligent, Phil cared about people, his family, and above all, Christ."

The possibility of the plane landing in one piece after a hijacking brings a bitter-sweet feeling to the relatives of the passengers. A possible hijacking or the taking over of the plane means that if their relatives are still alive, they could be the victims of some horrendous treatment.

One of the theories experts are suggesting today comes from evidence seen on the radar before the plane lost contact. This theory offers a grim outcome for the passengers. The sudden climb of the Malaysian Airline to 45,000 feet may have been done purposely. There is a chance this move was done to depressurized the passenger cabin, leaving the passengers and crew with no air and killing them.

“Fox and Friends” live on Monday morning had an aviation expert talk about the oxygen in the aircraft cabin. He said that even if the oxygen masks dropped this would only give them a few minutes of oxygen. Then the passengers would slowly pass out and die. If the people piloting the plane made arrangements for their oxygen supply to outlast the passengers supply, they could have killed everyone on board except for the people now in charge of this plane.

This is one outcome that the passengers’ loved ones are surly aware of by now, as it has been a highly suggested theory in the headlines for the last few days. This outcome is horrendous and so is the possibility of cruel treatment their family members might endure if they are still alive and in the hands of captors.

All of this speculation must be overwhelming for the people waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones who were passengers on the ill-fated flight 370. As more evidence is revealed it seems as if a number of speculated scenarios are attached to each reveal. The good, the bad and the ugly have all been suggested as an outcome for the 239 souls on board flight 370. The question still remains today, where is flight 370?

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