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Missing Malaysian airplane: Pilot's flight simulator under investigation

The pilot's flight simulator is being checked out by authorities.

The homes of the pilot and co-pilot of the missing Malaysian airplane have been searched. The search revealed that the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah had a flight simulator in his home. According to a March 16 report by ABC News, the pilot's flight simulator is now being checked by the authorities.

Based on the latest information the Malaysian government has released, pilots, crew and passengers on the missing Boeing 777 are being investigated. The center of that investigation are the pilot and the co-pilot.

It is now believed that the no one other than a pilot could have made the maneuvers that the plane made. They believe the movements were deliberate actions to avoid radars in the area.

It is unknown why the pilots would have made those specific moves. Some have suggested that one of the pilots could have been using the plane to commit suicide. It is also possible that the missing Malaysian airplane could now be involved in a terrorism plot. The possibility that the missing airplane was hijacked by terrorists has not been ruled out.

Despite the fact that the Malaysian airplane has been missing over a week, there is little known about the whereabouts of the plane. No one knows where the plane is located or why it is missing.

At the time of publication, it was unknown what information the pilot's home flight simulator could reveal. It is also unknown which authorities are looking at the flight simulator.

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